teleworking womanWith the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic upon us, many small and mid-sized business employees are finding themselves in a new world of teleworking.  A world surrounded by distractions, children, pets, older family members, household chores, smells, and activities you would not typically find in the workplace.

In this new world, there are no breakrooms or company kitchens to bump into co-workers. Personal relationships can quickly be lost.  So how does one remain sane and productive with limited physical interactions with co-workers?

As an employee who has had the privilege of teleworking on a part-time basis since the late nineties and has managed teams of full-time remote teleworkers, I brainstormed some ideas and polled my team for what works for them.  Below is a brief list of ways to remain connected, engaged, productive, and of sound mind.  Many may seem like common sense, but perhaps they will serve as a good reminder as we are all under an elevated level of stress.

If you are a visual person, you may want to check out our Work from Home Tips Slideshare.


Hygiene and Routines

It is important to maintain normal hygiene and routines.  Prepare each day as if you are getting ready to leave for the office, store, or a client visit.  Continue to shower like normal, get dressed for work, eat breakfast, whatever your normal routine looked like before you started teleworking, continue that today – minus the trip to gym or restaurant that has now been closed.