By Mike Mazan

People are your assetIt’s hard to believe September is already here. Vacations are over and the kids are back in school. The ease of summer speed has been replaced by the chaos of fall. It’s a great time to re-frame our view and make sure that we are focusing on the right things.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Keep your eye on the ball.” That is easy to do when we are on a tennis court and the ball is the only thing coming our way. But we all have a lot of things that comes across our desk or through our inbox.

Highest and best use is a term that has its origin in real estate, but what if we each understood what our highest and best use of our time was? Perhaps discussing methods of how to determine the highest and best use could be a great topic for a future article. But for now, let’s look at one CEO’s example of highest and best use of time.

Over the summer, I read an interview with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, in the Washington Post. Speaking of being inundated, this article was almost 10,000 words. It was full of interesting perspectives from someone who certainly has a lot of things competing for his time. But the gem in the article was the last two sentences – a mere 34 words out of 10,000.

Tim talks about his highest and best use of his time – thinking of it in three buckets; people, strategy and execution. In those last two sentences, he explains that the most important one of those three buckets is people, because, “If you don’t get that one right, it doesn’t matter what kind of energy you have in the other two – it’s not enough.”

So there you go – from the mouth of Tim Cook – the primary “ball” that this CEO keeps his eye on is people. Is it time for you to focus (or refocus) your eye on your people? Are you ready? Maybe if you focus your eye on your people you will see the gem in your organization, like these 34 words in this 10,000-word article.