By Mike Mazan
Mike Mazan
How has your 2014 been? Are you seeing the improving economy? What changes do you need to make now to complete your year successfully? Have you started planning for 2015?

This time of year is a great time to take stock. As I reflect on where we have been so far this year, 2014 has brought us growth, and a few staff changes. We have increased our ability to handle your problems, but also worked to make sure that we can proactively apply new technology to your environment in a seamless way.

Reflecting on the first nine months of 2014, we have:

  • Received 10,156 emails and calls to our helpdesk and resolved over 99% of the issues.
  • Performed 30,753 audits of covered devices to confirm assets and proactively look for issues.
  • Proactively handled 32,750 Uptime Assurance issues and closed 100% of them. These are monitors, alerts and checks to solve problems before they become helpdesk tickets.
  • Blocked 11.7 million spam messages, 500k Phishing attempts, and over 4,500 virus borne emails from impacting our clients – Interesting tidbit: only 14% of email messages were delivered as legitimate.

Revealing a few initiatives that we have been working on this year:

Layered security
With the challenges of cryptolocker, data breaches and the advent of personally owned equipment being used in the corporate network, we have moved forward with additional layers of our security model. One such layer is called Umbrella. It is a layer of security independent of a device or network’s traditional security. It specifically protects two areas that have been problematic – personal devices in the corporate network and corporate devices outside the corporate network. It has had a significant impact in not only providing a higher level of security for our clients, but saving them the cost and time of malware and virus remediation.

Sharpening our saw
The old Irish legend tells us that the smaller lumberjack that stops regularly to sharpen his saw beats the larger lumberjack. In that light, we to need to stop periodically and “sharpen our saw.” Our Leadership team recently spent two days with two business experts from the vendor of our management software Connectwise. We have been using the same software for six years, and have grown close to threefold since the installation. It was a great time to reconfigure, adjust, make changes and incorporate best practices into our operation with this valuable tool.

Do you use a core software tool? Having a strong vendor that will walk with you, share their knowledge and help you improve your operation is priceless. If your core software is not serving your business well, it is worth having a discussion to see if it might be worth a change. We love having those kinds of discussions with our clients.

Customer Satisfaction – NPS
We believe in listening to our customers and end users. One of our primary tools is our survey system. We use a philosophy of Net Promoter Score (NPS) based on Fred Reichheld’s book “The Ultimate Question.” We capture surveys in a granular way by client and by employee. In 2014 our NPS is trending up a few points from 2013. I believe that is a direct result of staffing changes we have made in 2014. We have a great team. Our current NPS for 2014 to date is 89.

We love being of service to our clients. If you believe that any the initiatives that we have taken in 2014 might be helpful to your business, let us know – we would welcome a discussion in how these made a difference for us and how they might advance your business.
Target Road
Now I have a confession. I’ve never been much of a business planner. I like to be prepared, present and deal with situations as they come rather than think too far into the future. However, as we develop a great team here at SolutionWorx I find that I have more time and we have more of a need to advance beyond the present. I’m happy to report that we are not only working on finishing 2014 well, but we are also starting planning on the initiatives we need to advance in 2015.

We look at all of these things; reflecting on the past, revealing current initiatives, and advancing plans for the future with you in mind. Our goal remains the same – to help leverage technology to improve your business outcomes – being an important partner in the success of your business goals. We have had a great start to 2014. We hope that our work has helped you have a great start to 2014 as well.