Summer is prime time for outdoor recreation, and nothing is more refreshing than a visit to a swimming pool or waterpark. Many in the Mid-Atlantic are able find respite in one of the many waterparks, neighborhood, community, and hotel pools that Paddock Swimming Pool Company has designed and built.

Tools to Increase Sales Opportunities

Paddock relies heavily on technology to support their construction operations. SolutionWorx provides and maintains technologies that allow Paddock to work collaboratively and respond to customers in a way that they expect. These tools have, “definitely impacted sales and enabled us to do business with large contractors that wouldn’t have been interested in working with us in the past”, Sandy Albers, Assistant to the General Manager states. Mobile and office workers have been equipped with technologies that allow them to reliably conduct work regardless of location.

Guesswork and “IT Intimidation” Removed

Information technology can be an intimidating area of operations that many small businesses would rather not deal with. SolutionWorx spent time with Paddock managers and key decision makers to develop, plan, and employ technologies to serve their business needs while keeping budgetary concerns in mind. This is an ongoing process that has helped the swimming pool builder achieve efficiencies and competitive advantages.

In addition to strategic technical direction, SolutionWorx provides day-to-day 24/7 desktop and network support for Paddock employees. “It is a little intimidating to call a support outfit and not know whether or not you are going to get someone who speaks nontechnical, computer language”, says Ms. Albers, “but you guys are really good at explaining it in a way that we can understand.” SolutionWorx understands that customers technical abilities run the gamut from “highly trained geeks” to “if I touch it, I will break it”. Our support staff develops relationships and works closely with customers to ensure that they are happy with plain English solutions to their often complex computing problems.

“Made Our Life A Lot Easier”

“You have made our lives a lot easier, because we can’t do much of anything if our computers aren’t working properly.” SolutionWorx uses secure remote access and monitoring tools to troubleshoot desktop problems and protect Paddock’s critical data and environment from threats. Problems are often identified and resolved before they become issues, allowing Paddock to continue with work as usual. These tools, coupled with a staffed support desk, allow individuals to reach technical assistance with a quick phone call, leaving the guesswork out of the IT equation. Ms. Albers adds, “I tell people that SolutionWorx is your best friend when you come to work here, put them on your speed dial because they will respond right away.”