The average employee spends 375 hours annually managing e-mail.
As email continues to grow as a primary means of communication for business, it is becoming increasingly important to find ways to successfully manage the sheer volume of e-mail that is arriving in our inboxes.  The average business employee can expect to spend 90 minutes a day responding to and managing e-mails.  Here are a few tips to help you reduce the clutter and time spent managing email.
Receive e-mail you want.
Remove Spam
Research indicates that it takes the average individual 6 seconds to open, review, and delete a spam message.  With a strong spam filter, you can reduce the number of spam messages that arrive in your inbox to nearly zero, saving you countless hours dealing with unnecessary messages.
Unsubscribe or block electronic newsletters that no longer provide value.
Ensure that the newsletter you are unsubscribing from is a reputable source.  Spammers often include an unsubscribe option at the bottom of their e-mails that only validates that you are “good” user so they can send you more spam and/or sell your e-mail address to other spammers.
Stop receiving forwarded e-mail from other accounts.
Perhaps you forwarded an old personal email account to your office email address or had mail forwarding setup on a colleague’s mail file that left the organization 2 years ago.  If it is no longer necessary to receive forwarded mail from those accounts, stop the mail forwarding or create a rule (see use rules below) that blocks the messages from arriving.
Create and use folders.
All business-class email clients have the functionality to create folders to store messages.  Although every individual will have a unique way of managing folders, it is highly recommended that you create folders and begin moving messages to a folder and filing system that makes sense for you.  The inbox is not designed to be a central storage location for e-mails and compounds the problem of finding e-mails and decreases the performance of e-mail programs.
Use Rules
Rules allow you to perform some level of automation on your e-mail messages.  I receive many electronic newsletters and postings from email groups.  Rather than allowing these messages clutter my inbox, I have separate rules that automatically move the messages to folders so that I can review the messages at my convenience.
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