What’s a ribbon you might ask?  The ribbon in Microsoft Office 2007 replaces traditional menus and toolbars from previous versions of Office.   The ribbon was designed to create visual richness and give you more flexibility when managing your Office documents.  When using the Ribbon there is no need to dig 10 levels deep through options like previous versions of Office.



Microsoft Office Word 2007 Ribbon

Tabbed Layout
The ribbon is constructed with a series of tabs.  The tabs are organized from left-to-right with the most commonly used functions appearing in the first tab.  Each tab contains a group of tools around common activities.  In the screenshot above, you will notice that Word’s Home tab contains functions for the clipboard, font, paragraph, styles, and editing.
The ribbon is context-sensitive and may change depending on what element of the document you are working with.  Click on an image in Word and a new Format Tab appears to the right of other tabs that allows you to modify the image that you have selected.
Galleries are expandable sections of the ribbon that allow you to modify your selected element with preconfigured effects.  Highlighting a different effect and your document will be updated with a live preview so you can see how the effect would look without having to toggle through a bunch of options and select undo.   Click on the effect and it is applied to your document.
Minimizing Ribbon
To reduce clutter and recapture screen space, the ribbon can be minimized.  Double click any tab header, pressing Ctrl + F1, or click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar and select Minimize the Ribbon.  Repeating either of the process will restore the ribbon to its original size.
Office Button
The Office button replaces the traditional File menu.  This is where you will find functions for working with a document.  Want to create a new document, save, open, print, send or change your Office 2007 applications options?  This is the button you will want to click.
Although the ribbon may take some time to get used to, it won’t take long for you to start finding common tools in your frequently used Office 2007 applications.  If you have any questions about Microsoft Office 2007 regarding functionality or are considering upgrading, please contact us 703-961-1840 option 2.