In the October 2009 edition of the Freedom Informer, I wrote Avoiding Electronic Ghouls and Goblins, an article containing proactive measures that we take for our managed PCs and workstations to protect them from evolving threats. I also included simple steps to help you avoid and protect yourself from malware that exists on the Internet. Unfortunately because I had a lot to pack in, I was unable to include any screen shots of some of the ghouls and goblins that are out there.

I recently read that the global number of fake antivirus malware infections has increased significantly. Our own technicians are seeing this increase in computers that are not under our managed security offering.

Attached below are screen shots of various fake antivirus pop-ups that you may come across while surfing the web. The goal of the perpetrators is to fake you into believing that your computer is infected and that you must purchase (extortion) the antivirus software to remove the infection. A valid form for entering your credit card information is provided and the malware simulates a “normal” transaction. The malware then infects your machine further and adds it to its global network of controlled machines to be used for various illegitimate purposes.

If you see any of these pop-ups on your computer DO NOT CLICK anywhere them, not even the title bar. Rather hit the Alt + F4 key to close the window and any other open browser windows. You my need to right-click on the application’s (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) Windows toolbar reference to the application and select close. Running an antispyware and antivirus scan after seeing the pop-up is also recommended to ensure that you computer does not contain any infections that could be putting you, your company, or family at risk.

If you are a SolutionWorx clients, please feel to contact our support line at (703) 961-1840 option 2 and we will remotely access your machine to help you through the process so that you can be assured that your computer is free from any malware.

Sample Screen Shots of Fake AntiVirus Malware