Let’s be honest, people by their very nature are social creatures.  Give them a little information and they love to share the news.  Back in the day, you had to pick up the phone, run to your neighbor’s office, or spread the news when you bumped into someone.  Oh, how the world has changed!

Today’s modern communications allow you to send off an email or text to all your friends, family, and colleagues in one fell swoop or tell the world in a blog post, Twitter update, or Facebook post.  Therein lies the problem – what do you believe?  What is true?  And what is just rumor?

For a long time, people thought that Mikey from the LIFE cereal commercials had died from consuming a deadly combination of Pop Rocks candy and Coke which caused him to explode.  Fueled by the rumor mill, people began to think there was merit behind this claim.  And soon the phrase, “Mikey got a bang out of LIFE!” was coined.

Truth be told, there isn’t a problem with eating Pop Rocks and washing it down with Coke.  Because of this rumor and the resulting decline in sales, Pop Rocks production ceased for years.

As you continue to use email, social media, and the Internet for communications, be mindful of the information you receive and share.  There are a lot of technology rumors and half truths floating around the Internet.  Some that may make you fearful of using your computers and cell phones.

SolutionWorx actively works to minimize your risk from Internet threats, security exploits, and vulnerabilities.  Our four pronged security approach for managed customers protects desktops, networks, messaging systems, and updates operating systems and major applications through automation.  We want you to know that we are watching your network so that you have the freedom to work and not worry about technology.

Should you ever have a question or concern about an email that was forwarded to you, www.snopes.com is a good resource to see if there is any truth behind what you received.  Even if the email itself says, “this was proven on snopes” – it’s still worth a search.  And of course, if it is technology related, you can always contact us at (703) 961-1840 option 2 to pick our brains.