In today’s digitally driven world of bits and bytes, sharing information and data quickly can serve as a key differentiator and competitive advantage.  Understanding and leveraging the tools at your fingertips can often feel like an uphill battle but may be the difference between winning a bid or completing a project within budget.  We hope you find the video and documentation below helpful in extending the use of a tool which is in place for cloud and on premises file sharing in many of our clients’ environments.


Share File Links

If you want to share a file with someone without requiring them to login, send them a link to this file.  When your colleague clicks on the link, Egnyte will generate a preview of your file. Your partner can review it there or download the file.

There are two easy ways to do this from the web interface.

1. Hover over the file and select the blue “Share” button next to the right.

2. Select the file and choose the “Share” option from the file action menu.

When the dialog opens, you’ll see a summary of the security and expiration options available. You’ll also be given the option to either copy or email the link.

If you click “Copy Link”, the screen will change to show a link URL already selected. Choose “Email Link”, and you will be prompted to enter your recipient’s email address.

To adjust your link’s settings prior to sharing it, click “Change link options”.

Under “Change link options”, you can…

  • Set the link to expire after a certain date.
  • Set the link to expire after a certain number of clicks.
  • Set whether the link always points to the most recent version of the file or whether it references this version only.
  • Decide whether this link can be viewed by anyone (a public link), anyone with a password (password protected), only those from your Egnyte account (a private link), or only users from your Egnyte account whom you specify (a user-restricted private link).
  • Request an email notification whenever the link is clicked.

Please note that only administrators and power users can send links.


Send File Attachments

If you want to send a file directly from Egnyte as an email attachment, highlight the file and click on “Send Attachment.”  The options will be similar to sharing a file link except that instead of a link, the entire file will be sent as an attachment in the email.


Share Folder Links

When you want to share the contents of an entire folder with a colleague or business partner, select the “Share” option under the folder path followed by the “Share Folder Link” option.  Please note that only administrators and power users can share folder links.

The folder link dialog looks very similar to the file link dialog. You can adjust the link’s options to decide who will have access to the folder, set an expiration for the link, and more.

When your colleague clicks a folder link, they’ll see a display of all its contents. They can preview the contents there, download all of it at once, or pick individual files.

If you have password-protected your folder link, your colleague will see this message before they can proceed.