There is a lot of buzz floating around the release of Windows 10 tomorrow.  We are looking forward to the many great benefits this operating system will bring.  However, if history is an indicator, we look forward with an ounce of caution.

Upgrading to Windows 10 is FREE for the next year – so long as you’re already running a legitimate copy of Windows 7 or 8. So breathe a big sigh of relief over that. And even better, our team has looked ahead at the features of Windows 10, and we know you’ll love these reasons to upgrade when the time is right: [list type=circle_list]

  • No MS Account Needed: Unlike Win8, you won’t need a Microsoft account just to log in. Just make a username and password, and it’s all you need.
  • The Start Menu is Back: Three cheers for the return of the classic start menu everyone missed! Easy access to programs again!
  • Easy Customization: Even better, the Start Menu is easily customized, and you can combine features like tiles from Win8 that you might actually like.
  • Simple Cross-Compatibility: Connecting your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop over Windows 10 will be easy and intuitive.
  • Cortana is Here to Help: The intelligent assistant Cortana (like Siri) that comes with Win10 is actually helpful and simple to use. Just talk to it and get quick answers and help for all sorts of tasks.
  • Virtual Desktops: Quickly and easily create new desktops for different tasks – so it’s easy to stay focused on your work.
  • Upgraded Web Browser: Say goodbye to Internet Explorer and hello to Edge. It’s got features like Chrome or Firefox, as well as some cool built-in unique features that make integration with other Win10 features simple.


Although this operating system has many great advertised features and has the potential to be a great addition to the Windows family, there are many issues that we must be mindful of prior to upgrading.  Will your computer’s hardware support the upgrade?  Will peripherals break?  Will software continue to run and/or be supported on Windows 10? Read this Computerworld article to learn more.

Our Recommendation: Not the bleeding edge, but closely following
SolutionWorx is always looking to ensure that your computing experience is as smooth as possible.  At this point we are encouraging individuals to refrain from upgrading to Windows 10 for 60-90 days.  After this period, Windows 8 users should feel comfortable moving forward with the upgrade.  Windows 7 users should evaluate their hardware and/or contact us prior to upgrading.  As recently as yesterday Microsoft was working on a problem that left Nvidia Graphics drivers conflicting with Windows 10 and leaving systems inoperable (see article).

If you have any questions about Windows 10, please contact our help desk at 703-961-1840 (option 2) or by email.