Stop Paying to Use 411
Install the program Beyond 411 to get FREE instant access to yellow pages, white pages PLUS you get straight to Google, movie times, weather and an encyclopedia. You will impress your friends with the knowledge of a concierge at your fingertips. Plus the results are formatted to fit the BlackBerry. Go to this website for full instructions:
Make a Three Way Call
Make the first call as usual, connect with the party you are calling then click on the track wheel and then scroll down two 3-way call, select it, dial the next number and when the next party answers push the enter wheel again and select flash. All three parties will be in on your fun (or work).
Never type any periods
When you get to the end of a sentence, instead of hitting ALT then the period, just press the SPACE bar twice. It will automatically put a period in.
Mute a call
Press the phone button on the top of your BlackBerry. To un-mute, press it again. A muted call is indicated on the screen.
Dial 1-800-GOOD-TIP Here’s a trick you can use to dial a phone number which has letters in it (1-800-GO-FEDEX, for example). Instead of trying to figure out which letters are associated with each number, just dial the letters while pressing the ALT key. The letters will appear in the number field, and once you place the call, they will be converted into their numerical equivalent.
Your BlackBerry can protect you while you are on Vacation
If you want to leave your emails behind as you fly off on vacation, but still get those few critical ones that need your attention on your BlackBerry. Required ingredient: a special, trusted staff person to review your email and forward only those that need your attention FROM HIM OR HER, so they are the only ones that get past the vacation shield rule.
First Step: Set up the Vacation Shield Rule:
1. Go into email on your BlackBerry, Highlight a message from the person you want to be the special person to continue to receive email from while you are on vacation.
2. Click Menu -> Filter Sender
3. Enter VACATION ONLY or something like that as the filter name
4. Scroll down to Action: and select “forward”
5. Click Menu -> Save
Second Step: Go on Vacation and Activate the Shield
1. This filter will always be on and should make any difference in your daily BlackBerry use. You should only have to create this filter once.
2. When you go on vacation, do the following to block everything but this filter:
3. Go into mail Click Menu -> options -> email filters The top line says “If no filters apply, send email to handheld:” Change Yes to No Click Menu -> Save.
4. Off you go. When you return from vacation, just go back into mail -> options -> email filters and change the send field to Yes.