Advanced Cybersecurity and Awareness Services

Since our founding in 1992, SolutionWorx has always been hypervigilant of cybersecurity and protecting our clients.  We wrote software to protect email servers before those solutions were offered as part of commercial antispam and antivirus software solutions.  Although the threat landscape has changed significantly, our core philosophy to keep all clients’ environments and data protected has not.  All our managed service offering includes 5 layers of corporate security protection to reduce threats through email, within networks, the desktop, applications, and from malicious websites regardless of where and how the individual is surfing the web.

Advanced Security Protection and Government Compliance Services

government complianceMany of our clients have been challenged with adhering to various compliance needs.  Not only do these requirements need new internal policies and procedures, they also require many technology changes and controls to achieve compliance.  Leaning on our expertise and close working relationships with clients, we are able to help organizations identify gaps in their security posture, create remediation plans to close those gaps, and manage their IT in ongoing fashion to ensure compliance needs are met.

SolutionWorx offers advanced security services to ensure organizations become operationally compliant and meet their government compliance needs.  We recognize this is not a one-size fits all type of solution and treat each opportunity to help a client uniquely.

  • NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

  • CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification)