IT Outsourcing Services

IT Outsourcing Services

“I am always very pleased with the service we receive from SolutionWorx. Whether its a phone call or onsite service, we know our needs will be met and/or exceeded.”

Sharon Patrick, Koniag, Inc.

IT Outsourcing Services That Align With Your Business Goals

Navigating technology can be a daunting challenge for any small or medium-sized business owner, office manager, or corporate IT director. Having a trusted business and technical adviser who can support you through all elements of technology strategy, IT management, and technical support delivery can help save significant costs and headache. By aligning technology strategy with business goals, employee effectiveness and productivity increases, goals are achieved in a more timely manner, and technology serves as a strategic asset.

SolutionWorx delivers a full suite of fixed-price IT outsourcing services to help small and medium-sized businesses leverage technology in ways that most have thought were reserved for large corporations. A strategic 360-degree view of the technology lifecycle is uniquely developed for each client to ensure that there is always alignment of IT strategy and business objectives.

360 Degree Technology Management LifecycleOur plan is executed in a three-layered approach:

  • Revealing our current initiatives
  • Advancing the overall technology environment
  • Reflecting on our recent work and Key Performance Indicators


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