This is quite a claim from PhoneTag, a cool service that SolutionWorx uses to save time.   PhoneTag is a transcription service that automatically transcribes your voice mail to text.
Many hours are saved because instead of calling your voicemail to listen to a message that may take one or two minutes, you look at the text of the message immediately.  A savings of at least a minute or more of time.
If your phone can receive email messages while you are on the phone, you can see what voice mail was left for you while you were on a call.
The cost of this service is minimal.  As low as $9.95 for up to 40 messages a month.
PhoneTag works with most cell phone providers, and can integrate with voicemail systems.  SolutionWorx uses PhoneTag for our Support line.  When you get our voicemail on the support line after hours, PhoneTag is use to transcribe the message.  When our on-duty tech gets a page, they get the full message you left rather than just a voicemail.  Our tech knows your message and this improves our response time to you.
One caveat; your voicemail system must record voicemails using a WAV file for you to be able to use a system like this.  If you have an older phone system that doesn’t allow for email based voicemail, let us know. We can show you some inexpensive new phone systems that will provide you other benefits beyond voicemail.
PhoneTag offers a seven day free trial so that you can experience the time savings before having to commit.  Setting up a cell phone is easy.  If you want help using a tool like this with your corporate voicemail, give us a call.