In today’s marketplace there are many providers of information technology services that rarely talk to their clients, unless there are problems.  Without having an understanding of an organization’s business and goals, people and culture, and budgets, these companies are often unable to deliver impact technology solutions that are in alignment with the strategic direction of the organization.

 Delivering best-in-class technology solutions and exceptional customer service are keys to our success.  We also recognize and are very proud of the relationships that we

have built with our clients, vendors, and partners.  The trust-based relationships that have been developed are critically important to our successful working relationships.

When we become a member of your team, we are able to work closely with you to apply technologies that fit your needs, culture, and budget.
Gary Hankins, CEO of Gary Hankins and Associates stated, “Without IT, our company could not exist.  SolutionWorx is always available and in fact, ahead of our needs.”  We feel very fortunate to have been entrusted to help Gary and many other businesses achieve success through the delivery of technology services that are in alignment with business goals.

Our Freedom IT services have been designed to help strengthen this relationship.  The included technology and business reviews allow us to work closely with you.  This will ensure that the direction and application of your technology is helping you meet business objectives.  Our monthly status reports keep you informed of the health of your technology environment, so your employees can be more productive, efficient, and effective at completing day-to-day tasks.
If you have ever asked yourself, “there must be a better way?”, contact us to pick our brains.  We welcome the opportunity and challenge of helping you solve problems that will assist you and your organization to become more successful.  Much like your relationships with your attorney, accountant, coach, or peer group, SolutionWorx aspires to deliver you great value as a trusted advisor.