One of the most common pieces of advice that business owners hear when starting up is “hire a good attorney and accountant”.  Since most businesses start out as a one-man-band, this is great advice.  In these technological times, it is also important for small businesses to have a good technical advisor.  A partner; much like an attorney or accountant, to help guide their business through areas where expertise is lacking.

If you have been working with SolutionWorx for more than a week, you understand that we do more than just deliver day-to-day technical support and advice.  We enjoy and value the strong relationships that we develop with you and your staff.  Understanding your business goals and culture is critical to how we develop your IT solutions and deliver technical support to your organization.

It is this understanding and the trust that you instill in us that enables us to help you leverage technology as an asset.  To ensure that we are doing our jobs well and that technology is always helping you achieve success, we complete quarterly and annual Business and Technology reviews.

We meet with Freedom IT Professional clients quarterly (Basic customers annually) to review business goals and objectives and the current health of your network, laptops, and computers.  Time is spent discussing technology strategy and how implementing various technologies can help you achieve greater success.  This is an open forum to voice questions, concerns, and brainstorm ideas to help keep your technology aligned with business goals.  It also helps us adjust our service delivery to meet your needs so that we can be effective in helping you and your staff.

In many cases we find that there are technology accelerators that can help our business clients’ goals.  We’ve heard this time and time again; we have clients start off in a direction thinking that technology is easy and they start off towards a business goal with a technology solution that is not well suited for their business needs.   Through regular discussions and reviews we help our Freedom clients avoid the pitfalls of bad technology decisions, and help them to truly have technology as an accelerator for their business goals.

We look forward to working with you on your upcoming Business and Technology Review and your continued success.