As Albert Einstein so poignantly put it, “the only source of knowledge is experience”.  We are very proud at SolutionWorx to have a long-tenured staff with great technology and customer service experience.  In an industry known for high turnover, we have defied the odds and experienced zero turnover in more than 7 years.

As we move forward and welcome additional staff to our organization through the acquisition of Dogtail Technology Solutions, it is important to recognize that although our new team members are new to us, they are not new to technology and serving customers.  With their addition, our average staff member now holds more than 12 years of IT experience.

Having experienced team members enables us to resolve problems in a timely manner, so that you are not put on the sidelines while your system is down.  Our additional personnel increases our knowledge pool which we are leveraging in a team environment, collectively identifying and implementing the best solution for your needs.

Many of you have been working with us for more than ten years and have developed relationships with our staff.  Having a stable and consistent staff allows our team to better understand your business and needs.

These long-standing relationships often open up the door for identifying ways that our team can more effectively help your team leverage technology and perform their jobs in a more effective way.

As we welcome former Dogtail customers to our family and begin developing relationships with you, we hope that our teams’ passion for technology and excitement to help out translates in our service delivery and ultimately to your businesses success.