Welcome to a new series we will call “The Four Corners” where we will discuss technologies, process, structure, and strategies used to deliver our managed IT services.  The goal of which is to provide business owners the freedom to focus and manage their core business, not their technology.
We call the four corners ingredients, because that is really what they are.  The analogy we like to use is baking chocolate cakes.  We mix it up and put it together in a way to help you lower costs, create efficiencies, increase productivity, and ensure you have the best information technology available.  That end result is the chocolate cake.  With this column, we will walk you through all the fresh ingredients we use to deliver that delicious cake.
The ingredients are our people, tools, processes, and procedures.  Other companies may use similar tools, but it is how we put them together that allows us to deliver exceptional service.

The building blocks of our recipe is based on what we call the four corners:

  • Reactive Support
  • Uptime Assurance
  • Proactive Services
  • Account Management

Each month we will focus on one of these areas and describe how our tools and processes work together to deliver the best value to an organization.  Many very good IT service companies deliver some of these pieces.  We will show you how the best firms deliver all of them.
Reactive Support
Support (help desk) is the front line for your staff to our organization.  Support means having the right person available to respond quickly when you need assistance and fixing issues remotely in real time.  Support means a process to quickly gather all information to resolve the problem.  Support means there is staff available for onsite same day visits in severe outages.
Uptime Assurance
This is the work you don’t see.  Uptime Assurance is our early warning system for technology that tells us when something little happens before it becomes something big.  Uptime Assurance provides the confidence to know that antivirus is always up-to-date and important patches are updated to minimize your risk.  It is the protection from what goes bump in the night.
Most IT service companies do some form of these first two activities, and often very well.  The problem is a chair does not stand very well on two legs.  Neither does your company.
Proactive Services
Proactive Services is where the cream begins to rise.  Proactive Services is a real time inventory of all your technology assets and the peace of mind that you have a full Disaster Recovery plan. Proactive Services is about not having your inbox crushed with spam.  It is also not working with different vendors for your phone, website, or internet access.  Your IT company manages all this for you.
Account Management
We call this your virtual CIO.  Your vCIO meets with you and your team to review your business goals and the technology needed to support them.  Your vCIO provides reporting to you that gives you the confidence your network meets the rigors and flexibility of today’s environment.
Successful IT providers use more than just tools.  The best firms have the people, process, and structure to put it all together.  That is what we are focusing on at SolutionWorx: putting the four corners together around our top notch team to provide consistent and exceptional IT services.