If your computer network was an employee would you fire it? Is your technology strategy just a matter of crisis management?

The problem over the years has been that technology is commonly managed in a break fix manner. Nothing is done until something is broken, and by that time people can’t do their work and a crisis ensues. We would scramble technicians to fix the problem. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What if you only brought your car in for service when it was dead on the side of the road? That’s silly.

We have been working for the last two years to change this model. By doing so, we are providing greater uptime, less stress and the freedom for business owners and managers to run their businesses rather than to spend time and effort on their technology. All at a lower overall cost to our clients.

We invested in sophisticated tools that continuously monitor systems, an “Early Warning System” that scans for problems and alerts us to clues that indicate potential problems before they become a crisis. Issues are resolved before they cause outages or become significant problems, allowing Freedom customers to continue to work trouble free. The tools also let us automate routine maintenance tasks which increase system performance so you can work more effectively and extend the life of your existing technology investment.

During this economic downturn, many of our clients have been looking for ways to minimize costs and increase efficiencies in their businesses. Freedom IT Services are a suite of professionally managed IT services for affordable and predictable fixed fees.

One of our clients stated, “It is very difficult to pick up the phone to call for computer support when I know it is going to cost me a minimum of $38.50.” With the fixed price nature of the Freedom IT Services, this is no longer an issue. It is no longer necessary to spend your, your employees, or your co-workers valuable time trying to solve computer or network problems on your own!

Another client began doing his own research, looking for pricing on document scanners and trying to figure out how he was going to get them deployed to his remote office location. He was beginning to spend a lot of time managing his own technology until we stepped in and reminded him that we are here to do that. He thanked us and continued on with his own job responsibilities while we did the research, purchased the equipment at the best price we could find, and made arrangements to have the scanners delivered, installed, and tested.

Our Freedom IT Services include three different support plans to meet most budgets, and other managed services. Including anti-virus/anti-spyware, network security, mail security, tape free backup systems, and disaster recovery solutions.

Exceptional, proactive support, provided at a budge table cost will allow your technology to perform better, your employees to be more productive, and will give you the freedom to manage your business.

Let us customize a solution for your organization, contact us today at 703-961-1840 or www.solutionworx.com.