Part 1.  Websites and Your Business
Most people think of the web as websites and boundless amounts of information.  Others look at it as an opportunity.
At SolutionWorx we see the Internet as an opportunity on many fronts.  Most importantly it allows us to help you, our valued customer.  We use the Internet to troubleshoot and resolve technology problems expeditiously, proactively identify issues and remedy them before they become show stoppers, and assist you in leveraging Internet-based technologies to meet your business goals.
A fundamental question that we hear from time-to-time is should we have a website?  We are fortunate to have built strong relationships with our customers and know your businesses and goals.  This makes us uniquely qualified to help you answer this question.  Contrary to popular belief, not every organization should have a website, especially if the website does not have a defined purpose with a set of goals and objectives.

Website Purpose
Google has mastered search.  Facebook has the upper hand in social networking.   eBay owns online auctions and Amazon can handle your online book purchases.  Having a web presence means different things to different companies.  It is important for small businesses to establish a purpose when considering a website.  Answering the question, How is your website going to help you meet your mission and contribute to your goals? may help in determining the purpose of your site.
Although the list of purposes is virtually endless, most websites generally fall into the following categories: to inform and educate, sell products or services, raise awareness, or to build a community.  Successful websites may contain more than one purpose, all directed at meeting specific business goals.
Goal Setting
Setting goals for your website should be a necessary part of your planning.  Website goals should be relevant, attainable, measureable, and related to your overall business objectives.  Examples of goals could be a specified number of inquiries from a contact form, sales volume from an e-commerce site, or a percentage decrease in the number of customer service calls.  Regardless of your goals, they should all help meet the sites overall purpose.
Food for Thought
Take a few minutes to consider your website or future site.  Does your web strategy include a purpose and defined goals? Are you getting the results that you expect?  Do you need to set or revamp your goals?  As always, we welcome the opportunity to discuss elements of your business and how we can help you become more successful.  If you have questions about establishing a web presence or would like us to help you evaluate your current web strategy, please feel free to contact us at anytime.
Next time we will explore tapping the wealth of information on the web for your company’s benefit.