Jonas, Snowmageddon II, Snowpocalypse, Snowzilla, or whatever you want to call it, this storm will pack a punch for all of us in the capital region. Most have taken necessary steps to prepare homes, but have you done the same for your business?

Preparing your IT Infrastructure for Power Outages

High winds and snow weight associated with the blizzard are likely to affect power to many. If your office is susceptible to power outages, please take the time to power down all non-critical technology equipment. If you are a client of ours, please send an email to our support team prior to shutting down servers or network equipment so that we can adjust our monitoring to reflect your planned outage. If you would like assistance powering equipment down, please contact our help desk at 703-961-1840 option 2.

Broken Pipes

A common problem with significant snow storms and cold weather is the breaking of pipes that results from freezing. If your office has hose bibs, please ensure that you or your property management has turned off hose bibs to ensure there are no pipes exposed to exterior walls with water in them. Desktops that are normally stored on the ground may be moved to the top of desks to prevent the possibility of flood damage from broken pipes.

Planning your work

We certainly love technology and the freedom that it affords many to work where they desire. Take some time to ensure that your telework technology is in proper working order and able to access systems and data that will be needed in the event you are unable to return to the office for several days. Those organizations that are consumer/retail focused may want to bring home administrative work or any documents that you are working on for strategic initiatives. The quiet of home may be just what is needed to spend some “mind” time on areas of your business that have gone neglected.

Although we never like to think about the worst case scenario or anything devastating ever happening to our businesses, reality is, Mother Nature sometimes has a different plan. Because of this, it is in your best interest to take a few moments to evaluate how your business would be affected if your IT systems were damaged. Would you be able to respond to that urgent email from your most valued client? Would you be able to submit that document in time for your hard and fast deadline? Would you lose all your client data? Would you lose all that time spent working on your latest project? You may be more dependent on your IT systems than you realize!

We at SolutionWorx are doing everything we can to be proactive ahead of the storm for ourselves and our client. If there is anything that we can do to help you prepare, please give us a call so we can assist in your storm preparation.  Our IT Support Team will be available throughout the storm by calling 703-961-1840 option 2 or by sending an email to support [at] solutionworx [dot] com.  If you get our voice mail, please leave a detailed message and our on-call team will return your call.

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Snow Forecast Image Courtesy of The Capital Weather Gang