Microsoft Excel 2010 has many new features to help analyze, manage, and share information in more innovative ways than prior releases.  New tools help display data sets with more visual appeal, making it easier to spot trends and aid in your decision making processes.  Here are some features to look forward to in Excel 2010.




Single Cell Charting

Sparklines, single cell charts, can be created to quickly see trends in data analysis.


Quickly Model and Analyze Multiple Data Sources

PowerPivot is a free Excel add-in that allows you to draw large volumes of data from multiple data sources quickly into a workbook.  Increasing the 1,000,000 row capacity of Excel to hundreds of millions of rows, PowerPivot will help bring all of your data into a single decision making environment.

Intuitively Manipulate Pivot Table and Chart Views

The Slicer feature allows you to quickly sort your pivot table and chart data with a more intuitive and visual approach than previously available.  Also available is search filter search functionality that will help reduce time finding needed data.


Remote and Collaborative Access to Spreadsheets

Having access to you spreadsheets and data, regardless of your location is becoming an increasingly important requirement for mobile and remote employees.  In tandem with SharePoint Foundation 2010 or a Windows Live ID, spreadsheets can quickly be saved to a server for access via a web browser or Windows Mobile phone.  These same server-based spreadsheets can be accessed and modified simultaneously by several employees.

BackStageTM (File Menu)

New to Excel 2010 is Microsoft Office BackStageTM, the successor to the File Tab.  Document information, save, print, sharing, versioning, and document recovery information can quickly be accessed within this consolidated tab.  Also included is a great combined feature of print setup and print preview.



Sophisticated Styling with a Few Clicks

Easily “dress up” your data presentation with one-click predefined conditional formatting features.

Office Excel 2010 delivers new tools that will allow you to work easily with the data that you are already managing in more collective nature.  Whether the data is for your own decision making or someone else, creating visual representations of your data in an esthetically pleasing way has never been easier in a spreadsheet application.

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