Microsoft Office 2010 has been released. We are putting the new product through its paces at SolutionWorx, testing to see if it is business ready and looking at new features to see how they can benefit you and your business. Over the next several months, we are providing overviews of some of the most popular Microsoft Office products. We hope the introductions will help you become familiar with the new features and get you up and running quickly when you decide to move to the new product.

Over the years Microsoft Word has evolved into a sophisticated application that does much more than word processing. Many features have come and gone (remember Clippy – the animated help utility) to make Word the leading word processing application that it is today. The 2010 release is packed full of many new features. Moving to the 2010 release from 2003 and prior versions may seem like a huge leap in faith, but the learning curve will be quick and we can assure you that you will find many compelling reasons to consider the 2010 version.


BackStageTM (File Menu)
New to Word 2010 is Microsoft Office BackStageTM, the successor to the File Tab. Document information, save, print, sharing, versioning, and document recovery information can quickly be accessed within this consolidated tab.

Enhanced text formatting
Quickly transform text by applying effects such as shadow, bevel, glow, and reflection inline without having to launch the WordArt wizard.

Customize the Ribbon
Word users now have the ability to customize the ribbon to display only the tools they require. To customize the ribbon click File > Options > Customize Ribbon.

Transcending Language Barriers
Working with others in their primary language has been made easier. Quickly translate selected text or an entire document. Text-to-speech playback will help any English as a second language employees.

Modify images quickly and professionally
New picture editing tools allow you to modify images with sophisticated graphic editing effects normally found in photo editing applications. Unwanted portions of images can quickly be removed with a new remove background tool.

Enhanced Document Collaboration
New to Office 2010 is the ability to collaborate on a single document simultaneously with another individual. With Sharepoint Foundation Services or a Windows Live Account as the backend tie between collaborators, getting documents quickly prepared by multiple users has never been easier in Word.

Microsoft Word Web App
Microsoft Word Web App is a new web-based compent of Word and Sharepoing Foundation Services/Windows Live that allows you to post, access, view, and edit Word documents from almost any computer or Windows Mobile phone.

Make bulleted lists visually appealing with SmartArt
Formally dull and boring bulleted lists can take on new life with the SmartArt feature that quickly gives your list more visual appeal.

If you have any questions about the new Microsoft Office 2010, please contact us 703-961-1840 option 2. We always look forward to helping you with your technology.





See these new features and more in this video