Sometimes people are surprised when I tell them that we can take care of a particular area of technology that they are struggling with.  Perhaps it is office phone systems, mobile devices, truck GPS, or “the cloud.”  Our goal is to advise and serve you in everything technology.

It doesn’t mean that you have to buy everything from us. We work with many third party vendors, but if we find that we can offer better service and product to our client – and probably more importantly better handle problems – we don’t hesitate to build relationships with manufacturers and vendors.  A good example of this is our partnership with AllWorx for phone systems.

In all things technology, our philosophy is to not be on the “bleeding edge”, but to closely follow that edge to maximize the value and lower the risk to our clients.  A good example of that is in all things cloud.  We have been providing cloud services for many years, in areas where they made sense and provided value to our clients.

This brings us to this edition of the Freedom Informer.  We start a series on the cloud and some of its variants.  We also discuss the why of what we do; along with a few other articles that we hope will be of use to you.  Just to the left we have an employee spotlight on Kevin Dennis, who came to SolutionWorx highly recommend from one of our clients.  His IT management experience has already been a great asset to SolutionWorx and our clients.

We hope that you find this newsletter useful.  If you would to like to talk in more detail about any of the topics here and how they might relate to or benefit your company, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Additionally, if you have other topics that you would like to see us cover in the Freedom Informer, feel free to drop us a line at

As we settle into our new space with more elbow room.  We are starting to get things organized and have a number of things planned in the coming year to help you gain more traction and value with your technology.  Stay tuned.