Welcome Back!

Last year, we stopped printing out Freedom Informer because frankly, we wanted to focus all our efforts on customer service.  A new year brings a new start.    We have hired new staff, moved to larger offices, and we have heard from our clients that you miss our monthly discussions and articles on technology.  So we have kicked off a restart of our Freedom Informer newsletter.

But before we start looking forward, we want to say thanks to you, our clients.  We exist to serve our clients’ needs.  Last year was a very good year for SolutionWorx, and one  of transition.  We have worked hard to put structure in place to allow us to handle  the needs of our clients in a methodical way – not always the way we had gotten things done in the past.  This year we will continue in our efforts to provide the latest technology services in a way that can help our clients better leverage technology.

We also like to kick off the year with a quick review of 2011 numbers.  This is always interesting, and a couple of numbers stick out, but the one that we are excited about was the three and a half tons of electronics we recycled for our clients.  That is three and a half tons of electronics that are not going to the landfill.

We had some fun showing you where the Freedom Informer has been during our hiatus and a quirky look at our new office space.  Kevin Dennis writes about how a virtual CIO can help you navigate the fog of technology.

2012 is a big year for SolutionWorx.  We start our twentieth year of service to our customers.  This month we take a look back and provide a bit of insight into how we got our start many years ago.

We hope you enjoy this re-launch of Freedom Informer, and look forward to providing more guidance on technology direction as we continue through the year.   We always want to hear your input on items that you would like to see covered.  If you have thoughts or ideas, feel free to drop me a line at newsletter@solutionworx.com.

Till next month,