You can’t go anywhere without hearing about the Cloud.  This month we look at a specific category of cloud products called Software as a Service (Saas).  The premise is pretty easy.  Rather than building, buying and running an application in your office, you pay a monthly fee for a provider to handle all of that and provide you the solution as a service.  There are a host of SaaS offerings out there and many that are perfect fits for businesses.

Often, a move to the cloud coincides with a time when a company is contemplating a capital expense.  Sometimes it is because a new flexibility is desired.   We also are seeing companies become more virtual.  Cloud offerings can certainly be an aid.  But as always, it is best to look at the big picture in how a SaaS might fit in your organization.  SolutionWorx has experience with many best in class cloud solutions.  We can help you navigate the cloud as an extension of your overall technology environment.

This month we have an overview article of Software as a Service, and a few articles on a couple of SaaS offerings.  Freedom Mail Security is something that most of us are exposed to daily, but rarely see.  It is a powerful productivity tool and saves money for users in many ways is one of my personal favorite SaaS solutions.  We outsource our bookkeeping and has allowed us to have an easy interface between our staff and our outsourced bookkeeper.  It has also given us significantly more visibility into and control of our costs.  It allows the right person to approve charges electronically rather than moving paper around.

Lastly, I want you to save the date April 28, 2012.  In partnership with Forever Green Recycling and CYA Shredding, we are holding a community recycle and shred event.   Take all those old computers and electronics as well as your old files, load them up in your car and bring them over to us on Saturday April 28, 2012.