cloud file storageSmall and medium-sized business owners must take every precaution against cyberattacks, and World Backup Day is the perfect time to assess the cybersecurity tools in your arsenal. In the current high-threat environment, it is good for business to add as many layers of digital protection as possible. That’s where cloud file storage comes into play.

Cloud file storage is the practice of sharing digital resources, like documents, multimedia (audio or video), graphics, programs, images, and e-books in the cloud. While the most obvious business benefit of storing your files in the cloud is convenience, granting your team members the ability to collaborate no matter where they also gives you an added layer of cybersecurity protection.

Using Cloud File Storage to Back-up Your Business Data

Securing backups in the cloud can save files that would otherwise be compromised in an attack. Your device may be infected, but with your files backed up in the cloud, you can restore them quickly and easily. This backup ability empowers business owners over hackers. When hackers demand ransom to unlock your devices, their threats are significantly weakened if your cloud storage solution enables you to restore your files.

At first glance, cloud storage products may appear to be identical, but the features they offer vary. Most importantly, certain systems offer more protection than others. Which cloud file storage solution is optimal for your needs?

How do you decide which cloud file storage solution is right for your business?

  • Is it safe to choose your product based on cost, or are there specific “must have” features for your business?
  • Is a popular, well-known, and widely used product really the best, or does it just have the most name recognition?
  • Is it worth spending more for a product that offers end-to-end encryption to avoid higher costs in the event of an attack?

These can be tough questions to answer without the time to devote to complex IT matters. Assessing which product is right for your business takes research, expertise, and time. At SolutionWorx, we are experts who stay current on the best practices for cybersecurity and the tools available in today’s market. Save staff time by partnering with SolutionWorx to determine how to back up your data and increase productivity with the cloud file storage solution that best suits your business.

The right product can make a critical difference for you when hackers strike. Differentiate yourself from your competitors who are not investing in the right cybersecurity solutions. Avoid the pitfalls of cyberattacks by consulting with SolutionWorx to determine the best strategies and products to meet your security needs. Contact us today or give us a call!