Hardly a day goes by without hearing something about Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  If your favorite celebrity or politician is not “tweeting”, perhaps your friends and colleagues are.  Social networking exploded with college students’ use and has spread to a much more diverse user base, including business.

If you are like most businesses, you are frequently looking for resources to connect with.  They may be vendors, clients, potential employees, competitors, or simply a friend that you have lost touch with.  Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are increasingly becoming powerful tools of business communication and reaching new contacts.

Social networks allow individuals and companies to put a personal face on communications and give   readers a glimpse into what a relationship with them might be like.  Marketing efforts can be aided by the use of so
The three biggest social networking tools are FaceBook, LinkedIn, and TwitterFaceBook is more consumer oriented and provides profiles, messages, picture sharing, chat, and a host of additional applications.  It is best for companies looking to reach the consumer market.  LinkedIn is business oriented and is best suited for companies that work with other businesses or professionals.
Most people look to social networks to supplement traditional face-to-face networking activities.  It is helping many establish new relationships with individuals that they might otherwise not find in their personal networking.cial networking sites and can boost search engine ratings by increasing the number of links to your business’s website.

Twitter is used on both the business and personal side, but is more about publishing information in a short (140 characters) method. It is conside

red “micro-blogging” and would be best for those that have something to share in the course of their work.

If you have not used social networking, the best way to explore how they might help your business, is to open an account (nearly all are free).

Most of the sites are pretty self-explanatory, but if you need some pointers or would like to discuss how these tools might benefit your company, give us a call at 703-961-1840 option 2.