Founded in 1992 as Chesapeake Technology Group, SolutionWorx enters its 20th year with the same desire; To help businesses navigate the seas of technology. But SolutionWorx wasn’t always quite as “grounded.” Flashback to 1992. Our President and founder, Mike Mazan, had sold a previous IT business and had sailed south on a 45-foot sailboat without a planned return. But something pulled him back…

“I had always enjoyed fixing computer problems and had a knack for seeing solutions that others couldn’t quite see, but the thing that kept me up at night and ultimately brought me back to the mainland, was thinking outside the box and applying technology to business processes.”

A couple of former clients had contacted Mike and expressed an interest in expanding work in an area they had been starting to explore at Mike’s former company – namely how to better share information between team members and business partners.

“It was like the perfect storm, using bleeding edge tools in an uncharted area to improve an established business process. I jumped on a pay phone and bought an airline ticket back to DC.”

Expanding from its collaboration roots, and expanding to serve clients complete IT needs, SolutionWorx found another uncharted area in the late 90s.

“As a business owner I desired to fix my costs and focus on moving forward. I saw that many business owners had the same desire. We started offering full IT services for a fixed price, just like if you had an internal IT staff, but better.”

The methodology, now called “Managed Services” in the industry is core to SolutionWorx delivering value to its clients.

“I know that technology, tools, and methods will constantly change, but for the last 20 years focusing on helping companies align technology and their business goals is a winning strategy for both our clients and us.”

And enough to get our founder off the boat and back in business.