In the spirit of the holiday season, I thought it would be appropriate to deliver a message about giving.  Unfortunately, neither you nor I wish to be the recipients.  I am talking about the giving of spam, not that delicious canned meat.  Rather spam, the unsolicited e-mails that are sent indiscriminately to hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of e-mail addresses simultaneously.

These “gifts” are not going away: 

  • SolutionWorx
    has strived to keep spam out of your in-boxes for years, even writing customized spam filters before anti-spam software existed.  As spammers continue to improve their deceptive practices, we continue working to stay ahead of them so that you don’t lose time managing unwanted messages.Research firm IDC estimates that there are over 100 billion e-mail messages sent daily.
  • The Radicati Group estimates that 78% of those messages are spam.  A mere 78,000,000,000+ messages daily, but who’s counting?  That number is expected to climb to 83% by 2012.
  • The average corporate e-mail user spends 90 minutes a day, managing 23,000 emails annually.

The industry is making a shift to staying ahead of the spammers and SolutionWorx is helping deliver those industry leading services.  We have partnered with a best-in-class e-mail filtering service to block unsolicited emails and viruses before they reach your network.  Your internet connection will no longer be bogged down by unnecessary traffic; your server’s resources will be more available to run your business applications, and best of all your inbox will be free of spam and viruses.  To learn more about this service and its many benefits ask us about our Freedom E-Mail Filtering Service.