We have all heard the jokes about the telecommuter, sitting in their pajamas working from home, rubbing it into their coworkers. Many SolutionWorx team members can be found working from home offices some days of the week. We’re not alone; there are 45 million Americans who telecommute at least one day a week according to the American Electronics Association.
Cost savings, increased employee productivity, improved motivation, less travel time and expense, better work and family balance, reduced traffic congestion and pollution. The benefits of telecommuting for the employer, employee, and environment have been well documented.

But there are challenges. There are many factors that determine whether telecommuting is a beneficial arrangement for a particular individual and organization. There are business aspects to consider; will they use their own equipment? What about liability? How do you manage a person you can’t see? Technology plays a significant part of the equation. How will the remote worker be able to access internal computer systems? Will they have access to the phone systems? What about security and confidentiality? How will they receive technical support?

SolutionWorx has been helping clients answer these questions, setup, and support home and remote offices for many years. The solutions are as unique as the companies, but in most arrangements you will find a combination of secure and encrypted e-mail, VPN (virtual private networks), voice over IP phone systems, and remote access so that we can deliver the best possible support.

SolutionWorx has invested in tools over the last few years that allow us to be “at our extension” in our home office and have secure transparent access just like we were at the office. It doesn’t have to be a huge investment; many times the replacement of systems at the end of their life-cycle can be done in such a way that the roaming user is possible.

It used to be that the roaming user was in an island technically — they had to bring their equipment into the office to be updated or supported. Now we are able to remotely access and provide technical support to any computer connected to the Internet, regardless of location. We can audit or install software, ensure that anti-virus software is up-to-date, and monitor those computers for potential problems, as though they were in your office. So when Joe is working at his home office or at the Panera in Rockville, we can help him with his laptop if he runs into problems.

If you are considering telecommuting as way to help your business be more successful, cut costs, or increase employee productivity, we can help you navigate both the business and technical aspects of making that a reality for your business.