When SolutionWorx looks to partner with a vendor we look at a myriad of factors.  Relationships, customer service, warranties, technical support, responsiveness and other factors all play into determining if they are a good fit for our business.

More importantly we look to determine if the vendor can provide the type of value in helping our customers overcome technology pains.  We work very hard to scrutinize products in a testing environment and more often than not in our production environment before we recommend or deliver a product or service to you.  Our relationship with Lenovo is no different.

We have used Lenovo ThinkPad laptops, ThinkCentre desktops, and ThinkServer servers and found that they are a very worthy partner who delivers the type of value and products to help the small business community.

Lenovo, best known for exceptional business-class laptops in their ThinkPad line manufactures several very strong lines of desktops and servers.  In our environment, we have moved almost exclusively to ThinkCentre desktops and have procured these for clients with very favorable response.  Industry experts are also in agreement, as many have ranked Lenovo’s product lines very high in reviews with the ThinkPad T410 series ranking as the number 1 laptop in many reviews.


In the next 12 months when many organizations will be looking to move to Windows 7 on the desktop, which will in most cases require new hardware (see Windows 7 Ships – Freedom Informer October 2009), we believe that Lenovo is a worthwhile consideration.  They are offering substantial savings and rebates for customers that are new to Lenovo.  As a Lenovo Partner, we would welcome the opportunity to help you navigate through the decision process and purchase new Windows 7 desktops, laptops or servers.