Some people wonder what the big deal is about the BlackBerry. What makes it different from an iPhone, or other smartphone? Do I really need one?

The BlackBerry was introduced in 1999 as a two-way pager. Within a couple of years a full smartphone was released, and today there are more than 21 million BlackBerries in use — including our new President! There are a couple of differences
between a BlackBerry and regular smartphones:

Extension of your corporate email system — when you read a message on a BlackBerry, the same message in your inbox can be automatically marked as read, or even deleted based on your setup. And emails sent from your BlackBerry can also show up in the sent extension of the corporate email system.

Always get eamil – the BlackBerry perfected a technology called “push” technology taht means that a new message is pushed to your BlackBerry. Many users get the email on their BlackBerry before their mail client sees it. Other phones poll a mail server periodically to get email which is much slower.

Sync calendar, contacts and to-dos wirelessly —Depending on your corporate mail system, you can synchronize more than just mail.

Keyboard – yes it really does have a full qwerty keyboard. Users find less typos using a full keyboard over either a touch screen keyboard or limited key keyboard. And yes it is something that you get used to easily.

Now with the advent of 3G networks, internet browsing, GPS directions and many other features are useable tools. Many users find less need for a laptop when they have a well configured BlackBerry.

Not everyone needs a BlackBerry, but anyone who uses email a good deal and needs to be responsive to customers and staff, the BlackBerry is solution that needs to be investigated.