As we move further and further into the technological age, it is becoming more and more apparent that it is neither desirable nor efficient for businesses to remain firmly planted to the ground.  But with all the cloud based services out there what is a SMB owner to do?  SolutionWorx will ensure your migration to the cloud will be smooth.   We are able to help you navigate options to give you the best that the cloud has to offer without overpaying or not getting enough services.

Selecting A Cloud Provider

Selecting one cloud provider over another will come down to the specific wants and needs of each individual business and the different types of workloads they are running.  We are able to help you through the decision making process and evaluate:

  • Computing
  • Storage
  • Networking capabilities
  • Instant provisioning
  • Auto scaling plus security
  • Compliance
  • Identity management features
  • and more

Cloud vendors offer unique storage features and benefits that must be analyzed thoroughly to ensure that they are the right fit for you and your unique business.  For businesses that have invested in Microsoft technologies, prefer a consistent user interface, or want to minimize the numbers of vendors they use, Microsoft Office 365 and Azure may have the advantage.  However, offices using many open sourced services or running Linux may find a private cloud solution as the obvious choice.

Private cloud solutions are more customizable, allowing customers to pick and choose exactly what they want out of the service.  This can make dealing with them a bit difficult to manage because there are so many options to consider.  Additionally, it is good to keep in mind that the initial monetary investment may be larger.  The large scale of their offering and features can make private cloud solutions difficult to navigate because there are just so many options to figure out.  Another aspect to consider before choosing which service to go with is if you plan on utilizing a hybrid cloud environment.  Many businesses prefer to employ this strategy.  In this set up, part of the data would migrate to the cloud while other key functions remain housed in the business’s own servers.  Oftentimes a business will choose to keep their financial records or other key functions in their own servers rather than employing a cloud based service.

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