Care and Respect RingsIn our fast paced world where the speed of communication continues to accelerate and is measured in small snapshots in time, an email, or 140 characters, SolutionWorx continues to value personal relationships and the human nature of business. If you have had the opportunity to work with us, we hope that you have come away knowing that we value you, your organization, and the relationships we have developed together.

Care and Respect are two foundational values that all SolutionWorx team members must share and fully embrace. We value our clients, vendors, and employees unique contributions and treat all with the highest level of care and respect. In your work with us you may see care and respect exhibited in a variety of ways.

We are Part of Your Team
Our team is honored and excited that you have chosen us to help you with your information technology. As our relationships with you and your organization develop we become better equipped at understanding the daily and strategic challenges you face. Together we can make a difference in the services and products you deliver. Whether we are helping to solve a problem that pops up in the moment, or working strategically with you to develop initiatives that will help you become more efficient or effective at completing a task or process, our team is always available. Your technology is also treated with a high level of care and respect. We understand that in many organizations, your intellectual property and technology assets are a significant component in your service delivery. Proactively, we take significant measures to ensure that systems are well cared for, optimized, protected from malicious threats, and backed up for quick recovery from disaster or inadvertent data loss.

Our Success is Directly Attributable to Our Team
SolutionWorx has always been an organization that helps our team members grow and share in our success. Our culture is one that values our team members, their families, and the community. All team members are encouraged to develop themselves through continuous education, in-house mentorship programs, external peer-to-peer group participation, and 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Opportunities to serve our communities by volunteering and supporting charitable organizations is encouraged.

Recently, we were honored, for the third year in a row, by Penton Technology by being named to the MSPmentor 501, a distinguished report identifying the world’s top 501 managed service providers (MSPs). Without care and respect, this would not have been possible. Mike Mazan, our CEO, said “Our success is a direct result of us providing exceptional services to help our clients improve their business outcomes. Our success is only possible with our exceptional team. I’m proud of our team getting the recognition they deserve.”

Our hope is that you feel cared for and respected in your experiences working with us. We are always available to listen to and act on your concerns, suggestions for improvement, and complements. Please be sure to share your thoughts with us via survey requests for tickets, communicating with your account manager, or reaching out to any of our principles.