Forever Green Recycle, Inc. has reached out to SolutionWorx with their Customer Appreciation Event and has allowed us to extend this opportunity to our clients. This includes free pick up, destruction and recycling of your electronics.

Forever Green recycles virtually anything that uses a plug or is metal or computer-type plastic. Forever Green has recycled over 3 million pounds since their founding and recycles over 700,000 pounds of material a year. Clients are always offered the security of knowing that assets are dealt with safely in an environmentally responsible manner. All hard drives and other data storage devises will be properly destroyed. As part of their eco-friendly approach, they promise to never to use landfills for the disposal of electronics.

Included in this service, you will receive a certificate of destruction and the weight totals of your donation.

Take advantage of this awesome opportunity to dispose of your office and personal electronic equipment! Contact Mary Kerr at 703-961-1840 Ext. 124 or to schedule your upcoming e-cycling pickup.

Take part in protecting the environment. It’s your children’s and grandchildren’s future!

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