Amazon Kindle: #1 Best selling, #1 most wished for and the #1 most gifted product on Amazon.
If you think about the number of items that Amazon sells, that is a amazing claim.  But the kindle is an amazing product and a great gift for any reader on your list.  Simply, the Kindle latest generation electronic book reader.  It’s light, easy to read and easy to get books.   The latest generation can hold 1,500 books but weighs about 10 ounces.

Picking books and magazines is easy.  Amazon has over 360,000 books available, and you can even get samples.  If there is a book that you think you might be interested in, you can click and get a sample, of the first part of a book.  You can read it just like normal, and if you get to the end, you can easily purchase the book.  If you decided the book isn’t worth it, you just delete the sample and it didn’t cost you anything.   Books generally cost $10 or less and are delivered to your kindle in minutes.

Once you have purchased a few books, Amazon’s recommendations become very useful.  Based on the books you have purchased, it will recommend other books that might interest you.  My experience is that the Kindle has helped me read many more books than I would have if I had been reading regular books.  It allows me to “carry” multiple books at the same time and has allowed me to pick up books that others have recommended or talked about easily.

A kindle might be just the gift for that person that is hard to buy for.  There are two editions: the standard Kindle with a 6” screen that holds 1500 books for $259, or the larger Kindle DX with a 9.7” screen and a 3,500 book capacity for $489.
The Flip – a video camera that just works
Like most new parents, one of our early purchases when our twins were born was a video camera.  We purchased a good video camera that had some of the latest technology, but over the first year of our kids life we probably only recorded a handful of hours of video.  Then we got a Flip video camera.  Within a few days we had recorded more video than we had in the last year with the bigger camera.  The Flip is just easy to use, and the reason why it is called the Flip, is because you can push a button on the camera and a USB connector flips out to connect the camera directly to your computer.  All the software needed is right on the camera, and it can directly load video to YouTube and Facebook.
The camera itself is simple – no tape, as it records direct to an internal hard drive, and there is only one button on the back to record.  Just push and shoot.  The video quality is good and even the audio quality is good.
The best thing is that the flip costs as little as $125!  There are a number of versions with different amounts of internal storage and either standard format, or high definition format.   It is a great product for recording daily life, and therefore a great gift. – Prices range from $125 to $250.
Get Your Retro Game On… in Your Pocket – Price $99.00
The Pocket Retro Game Emulator looks a bit like the GameBoy Micro but that’s where the similarities end. Load on NES, SNES, GBA, Sega Genesis, or Neo Geo romps and play your old favorites in the palm of your hand. With 4GB of built-in storage and a mini SD slot for expansion you can bring every single game from the best classic consoles with you. Of course in typical all encompassing gadget style you can also play movie files, audio files, use the built-in FM radio, view jpg images, Read E-books, do voice recording etc…




Handy Back-up Power Pack – Price $19.99
An easy-to-carry and affordable power supply for re-charging your USB gadgets! The Portable USB Power Supply allows you to take some USB power with you when you travel around. It plugs into any wall outlet and can simultaneously charge up to two USB devices, but it also charges its own built-in batteries. Then when you take it with you, you’ll have a nice supply of USB power available to re-charge your gadget that has “suddenly” died.







Keep Your Gadgets Dry and Happy – Price $99.00
These OverBoard Waterproof Gadget Cases are 100% waterproof and float if dropped in water. They are perfect for safeguarding your gadgets (phone, camera, MP3 player) and also keep out dust, sand and dirt.