Testimonials and Buzz about SolutionWorx

Testimonials we are hearing from our customers

“You have made our lives a lot easier, because we can’t do much of anything if our computers aren’t working properly. You guys are really good at explaining technology in a way that we can understand. I tell people that SolutionWorx is your best friend when you come to work here, put them on your speed dial because they will respond right away.”

Sandy Albers
Paddock Swimming Pool Company

“SolutionWorx has been able to guide us and provide solutions in a variety of means. When problems have developed, the staff has been available and supportive in every area. SolutionWorx performs our required work with professionalism and a high degree of competency.”

Bonnie Inman
Loudoun Interfaith Relief

“It has been said many times over “I don’t know what we would do without SolutionWorx”. They are an amazing team. They have saved us all. Thank you for making my life and my work easier and more enjoyable.”

Christy Lewis
Steuart Investment Company

“Mike and the SolutionWorx Team have my strongest endorsement. As a General Manager that had a full-time IT support person on staff serving corporate needs, I viewed outsourcing IT support requirements very skeptically. Once Mike and his SolutionWorx Team came on board, I quickly understood and appreciated the gap in support that had not been provided.”

Eric Harris
Koniag Services, Inc.

“I appreciate the time you took to deal with our relatively small-potatoes problem in the face of big-project deadlines. I just want you to know your efforts are appreciated. Thanks for your hard work!”

Linda Stoutenburgh
Leesburg United Methodist Church

“You guys always do great work. Keep up the great work.”

Gary Hankins
Gary Hankins and Associates

“I wanted to say I appreciate the efforts of everyone there in getting this all set up so quickly for me. It is really amazing what modern technology can do. It puts my mind at ease knowing that I have this capability and that I will not get behind in my work while I am working out of the office. Please send my thanks and regards to the rest of the guys there too” 🙂

Denise Grubby
Wilcoxon Construction

“SolutionWorx is consistently professional, thorough, and timely in resolving issues. I appreciated the feedback regarding my issue and communication

Kathy Starr
ACF Solutions