As a fellow businessperson I’m sure you are as cautious as we are when it comes to your business needs and services.  I am sure you have had to make tough decisions about whether or not you should lean on a partner to manage a particular business function. Payroll come to mind? (ok, maybe not a tough decision on that one).  Have you asked yourself recently what other areas of your business someone else should be managing?  What other areas could someone else do more effectively, more efficiently, and at less cost?

We are celebrating 20 years of helping companies just like yours.  Our clients find that they are more efficient, more productive, and have better peace of mind knowing that we are doing the worrying and taking care of their IT.

A friend of ours, Jack Quarles, put together this short video that outlines what he has termed the “iceberg” of total cost. I invite you to watch the video, and at a minimum challenge your thinking about what should and should not be outsourced within your organization.

After you have watched the video, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how you are leveraging local business partners to become more successful.